Powerful tools for realtors

fast, easy and editable features

Opportunity finder
Get an automated live list of independent sellers in your area

Industry, medicine and science all have access to the latest robotic technologies. Why should it be different with realtors? Our automated system will crawl around major self-listing websites like Craigslist to provide you with a live list of fresh new opportunities.

Marketing wizard
Day-to-day marketing team dedicated to your success

How would it feel to have your own personal marketing team working for you on a full time base? Well, you’re about to find out. From preparing your website for a big Boxing Day sale to any day-to-day event that may require advanced marketing, our team will be providing you with everything to maximise your sales.

Real time chat engine
Chat with your visitors and monitor their navigation to improve your suggestions.

Our chat engine will provide you with the opportunity to see who’s on your website right now and which properties they are looking at. Whether you are chatting or talking on the phone with your visitor, you will offer a previously unseen customer experience by automatically redirecting your visitor from a page to another. Much easy, very automated, so customer, WOW.

Easy property search
Sherlock Holmes approved

Quick, instant, intuitive and precise. Our property search engine will smoothly allow your visitors to find the perfect home.

On map listings
Featuring Walk Score ®

List your properties directly on the map and feature those who have a good Walk Score®.

Big picture listings
It’s love at first sight

Big and bold is our way to go. Offer your customers the finest search experience by allowing them to preview your properties in the easiest and most comfortable way.

New property notifier
Join them wherever they are

Your visitors can select a property search filter and attach their mobile number to it. As soon as a new property that matches their search is available, they get notified by SMS or Email.

Mortgage calculator
We don’t pay bills with hugs

Directly connected to major banks, the mortgage calculator will automatically show a mortgage plan based on current rates.

Automated social media sharing
One click all-shared guarantee

Anytime you enter a new property, it gets scheduled for an all-social media publishing based on your websites visits.

Automated newsletter
Keywords on the frontline

Because every lead counts, it’s always important to keep them in the loop.In just one click or SMS, you can add a customer’s email address to your newsletter list and they will receive emails featuring your new and most viewed properties.

Testimonial tools
Get your customers feedback

In just one click, you can add a customer testimonial to your website. Having trouble with spelling? No problem, our T.E.C.H Angels Team will review all testimonials for you.

About you
After all, who's the real star?

Your customers experience is very important. Buying a house is one of the most valuable moment of their life. It’s important to introduce yourself, establish trust and explain to them what makes you different from the others.

Auto-generated video
Sometimes action is what you need

Every house added on your website is also presented with an auto-generated picture animation with music and titles featuring the layout.

Resources directory
We can’t do this all alone

Inspectors, plumbers, notaries, whatever you need! Our Resources directory includes a feedback system to help you offer unequaled quality to your customers.

Custom URL

Optimize your sales and offer your customers a VIP feeling by giving them a unique page URL. This custom URL also comes with advanced property-per-property marketing tools like QR codes and business cards.

Responsive Web design
You’re needed everywhere

Mobile is no longer an option. Your website will be fully responsive to any device and offer top quality on every screen.

T.E.C.H. ANGELS team
Only one mission, saving you !

24/7 They are on the frontline to assist you with ANY technical support needed. Any questions on how to use a new feature on your website, your TV won’t turn on or your computer is full of viruses? Either by email, mobile, SMS or any way you prefer, our T.E.C.H Angels team will be your personal technology guardians.

Live chat
support ticket
send sms
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